Sea Worthy Spiritile

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"A ship is safe in harbor - but that is not what ships are built for."John A. Shedd


The Story Behind This Tile: For so long, the little boat stayed ashore, protected by the coast, sheltered by the presence of other boats nearby. Curiosity about what lie out on the water grew, then waned every time the waves seemed too big. What if the waves would become too much? No, it was much safer to stay ashore. But was it? A new storm blew through, and like the winds of change, the waves washed up to meet the little boat. Life came up to meet the vessel, and said, “It’s time.” For this little boat was not built to live ashore, but to venture out, far and wide, exploring the waters beyond, whether they be wild or calm. Thus began the little boat’s adventure into the unknown.


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Release Date:August 13, 2019

Collection:Fall Collection


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