This Stack Thursday 10/1

This Stack Thursday 10/1

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This weeks stack is so exciting!!! We are incorporating new Uno with my favorite stone AMETHYST!


First is the classic Nail design from Uno de 50! . As for its design, it has a unique finish inspired by a nail head. It goes on and off with a hinge that is on the back.


Second is a new compliment for the ever so popular Snowflake Bracelet from Uno de 50. It is on a stretchy band for easy on and off.


Third is an amethyst bracelet from Infinite Warrior with a Pyrite center stone. Amethyst will help with the following...

Alleviates sadness and grief.

Eases migraines when paired with clear quartz.

Heals body, mind, and soul gifting inner peace.

Encourages sobriety + overindulgence of alcohol, drugs, or other addictions.

Reduces internal anger, fear + rage.

Insomnia + nightmare like dreams.

Cancer fighter + destroys malignant tumors.


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