This Stack Thursday 10/15

This Stack Thursday 10/15


Relieves Anxiety + Stress 10mm Desert Rose Agate and 12mm Labradorite with a Sunstone Center Stone


May Birthstone (Agate)

Gemini + Virgo (Labradorite)

Throat, Third Eye, Crown (Labradorite)

Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius (Labradorite)

Encourages love + abundance.

Reduces headaches + anxious thoughts.

Improves concentration + gut health.

Relieves you of inner anger + tension.

Aura stabilizer + cleanser.

Offers protection + security.

Cleanses the lymphatic system + heals skin disorders.

Calms an overactive mind + stimulates the imagination.

Relieves anxiety + stress.

Aura protector + regulates metabolism.

Intuition + will strengthener.

Banishes fears + insecurities.

Lowers blood pressure + aids in digestion.

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