This Stack Thursday 7/9/20

This Stack Thursday 7/9/20


This Stack Thursday! Every Thursday I will pick out a stack of bracelets from my private collection to feature. For that day only that stack of bracelets is available for special order at a special price!


This week I have chosen a stack I love that is a little bit earthy with some rich pops of gold! It is made up of 3 bracelets, one from My Saint My Hero, one from Infinite Warrior, & one from Uno de 50.


First if you have been following you know my love for Uno de 50's Snowflake Bracelet. Well here is their gold one. I absolutely love it! Especially at the holidays. It is a great base piece for my collection that I frequently mix with other pieces. 


Second Is Fancy Jasper from Infinite Warrior. I LOVE the variety of earthy colors that are in this piece. It's stones offer me tranquility, and wholeness, as well as absorbing others negative energy. 


Third is the Be Not Afraid bracelet from MY Saint My Hero, I love this bracelet! I got it in March when we were so unsure of what was going on in the world and it brought me much peace! Written in his own handwriting, “Be not afraid” became St. John Paul II’s motto as he encouraged us all to be not afraid to stand in our brilliance, to be the light we are called to be, and to be the saints of the new millennium. Wear this bracelet as a reminder that there is nothing to fear because God is always with us.


Available for Special Order today only at 25% Off!


Please know that all Infinite Warrior orders will take about 1 Week, and Uno de 50 & My Saint My Hero about 1-2 Weeks.


I will bring this stack to work with me today, so if you would like to pop in and check it out it will be available to in store during open hours.


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